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My Portable Splash Pad

Flower Shower Portable Water Play Feature

Flower Shower Portable Water Play Feature

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With their grass green stems and sunshine yellow petals, our Flower Shower Portable Splash Pad Water Play Features are a welcoming addition to your backyard spray park.

This feature REQUIRES the 7' My Splash Pad Portable Splash Pad.

7.5' Portable Splash Pad by My Splash Pad

Feature Information:

  • Made in the USA by My Splash Pad™
  • Lifetime limited warranty on the nozzles
  • 1 year limited warranty on the features
  • Minimal assembly required to attach the feature to the base (remove and replace 8 stainless steel bolts).
  • For use with the 7.5' My Splash Pad Portable Splash Pad only
  • Size:  6.5' tall, the stem is 4.5" in diameter, and the flower is 19" in diameter.
  • Weight:  35 lbs.
  • Construction: Fiberglass And/Or Structural Polyurethane
  • 3/4" supply line
  • Comes equipped with 1 nozzle housing and a total of 3 nozzle inserts (For each nozzle housing we include three nozzle inserts - arch, fan, and triple spray - to give you a variety of spray patterns you can change up anytime.  A nozzle tool is provided so you can change out the inserts with ease.)
  • Gallons Per Minute:  2 for the fan spray and triple spray, 5 for the adjustable arch
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