Collection: Dog Water Park Features

Your playful pal will have a splashin' good time with My Splash Pad's Dog Water Park Features! This awesome line of portable outdoor water play equipment is created with your furry friend in mind. These durable and colorful mobile spray and play features are crafted from Fiberglass And/Or Structural Polyurethane and are backed by a 10 year limited warranty. Ideal for a dog daycare, community doggy spray park or a residential canine splash pad.

  • Available options include our Dog Bowl, Dog Bone, Dog House, Dog Bowl with Hydrant, Dog Jump Hoop, Dog Park Bulldog Water Bowl & Doggy Wash
  • They ship fully assembled, direct to you from our manufacturing facility.
  • Simply place them on a level surface outside and attach your garden hose for an instant splashpad.

My Splash Pad's Dog Water Park Mobile Spray and Play Features are all the water fun for a canine splash pad you'll need for oodles of water play!

Dog Water Park Features