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My Portable Splash Pad

Dog Jump Hoop Water Park Feature

Dog Jump Hoop Water Park Feature

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Check out our take on a dog agility feature! This 4' tall feature will give man's best friend plenty of exercise and fun in the summer at your dog water park! It will help them keep cool as they jump through the blasts of water! This is a great addition to any dog daycare. With this splashpad feature your pups will not mind jumping through hoops! This hoop is to be used in conjunction with any of our splashpad platforms to create the doggy splashpads of your dreams!

This feature REQUIRES My Splash Pad's 5' or 7.5' Portable Platform to spray.

5' Portable Splash Pad by My Splash Pad

7.5' Portable Splash Pad by My Splash Pad

Feature Information:

Looking for something different for your spray park? Be sure to check out our entire line of dog water park features for your dog splashpad!

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