Looking for backyard fun? Portable Splash Pad Products

Looking for backyard fun? Portable Splash Pad Products


For families whose budget or location won’t allow for a permanent residential splash pad, we are excited to offer you our line of Portable Splash Pads and Mobile Spray and Play Features that give you an instant water spray park!

We created this unique line of water play equipment for those looking for an instant splash pad that would provide many of the classic features you’d find at a large water park. All you have to do is attach a garden hose and turn on the water for hours of laughter and fun in your backyard, or, because it’s mobile, you can set it up and have fun wherever you choose to be!

If you live in an apartment, the portable water pad is perfect! You can bring it inside for easy storage, plus if you decide to move, your splash pad moves with you! And the products are available to you at a fraction of the cost of a concrete splash pad installation! Best of both worlds!

We have shipped our exclusive portable line to most of the United States. A few of the states are Oregon, Texas, Kansas, Florida, New York, Missouri and even all over the world like Turkey, Belize and Canada.

One, two three! It’s almost that fast and definitely that easy to set up your mobile splash pad! For your convenience, they ship direct to you from our manufacturing facility right here in Ohio, USA, ready for outdoor water play enjoyment.

  • One—take it out of the box;
  • Two—set your portable splash pad on a level area in your yard, patio, driveway or deck;
  • No electrical outlets needed
  • No chemicals required
  • Three—attach a hose, turn it on and prepare for tons of fun!

These portable splashpads shower streams of sparkling water on children, adults and dogs of all ages! Each portable water spray pad provides a sprinkler playground area up to 20’ in diameter, depending on your water pressure. Though most water play occurs off the platform, the platform itself is wheelchair accessible.

Our portable products include:

And… our products come with an extraordinary warranty!

Do you enjoy camping, attending parties or reunions, vacations? Pack up your mobile splash pad and water play features and take your portable spray park with you!

To provide additional comfort and safety for the children, either our Anti-Slip Coating—designed to help prevent slips and falls or My Splash Pad Safer Surface, our non-slip safety surface choice for high traffic water parks, playgrounds and much more—is applied to the portable splash pads.

And for those of you who are in the Rental Industry, these exclusive My Splash Pad products offer your customers a way to bring the water park experience to their own backyard events… birthday and graduation parties, reunions, or any gathering where two or more people come together for fun and entertainment! Discounts are available to those in the rental industry when purchasing in quantity.

So head on over to myportablesplashpad.com to view and shop these exciting new options for your backyard splash park!

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